This was a wonderfully amazing early birthday present.  I’d never been to a film preview before, or a soundtrack concert.  (Or a NY club.)  It was incredibly loud, (my ears took 48 hours to recover), but I got to hear a lute live and see SQüRL.

And we got to play with sunglasses, spiced wine, and cameras.

Christine and Lucas invade Adam's studio.
Christine and Lucas invade Adam’s studio.

Only Lovers Left Alive

When all that’s Love and Loss is everywhere,

And all that’s Love and Loss cannot be seen,

Then all that’s Love is Lost upon the air,

And all that’s Lost is Loved but in a keen;

Then look we so upon a darkened world

And lift our eyes to view a shrouded sky,

And hold we close our treasured Dreams of Old,

Which shine a light to silhouette our Cry;

A light so bright it blinds our present fears

And drives the shadows outwards from our Heart,

While tempting Hope to grace our falling tears

And turn our keens to wishful longing’s part;

So dance we towards the Diamond Gongs of Space,

Whilst shining bright ‘gainst shadows that we chase.

Maggie in Adam's studio.
Maggie in Adam’s studio.

Maggie and I had way too much fun being in character here.

“You have to Be the Sunglasses.”  – Christine