“Give me your character,

So I may understand you.

Give me your hopes and dreams,

And I will write a song for you.”

– Maggie ‘Turtle Guru’


Artist’s Statement:  “What good does stasis have that adventure does not?  It’s a respite, a place to recount thoughts and organize the soul.  But stasis without adventure is nothing but spinning wheels and safety.  A life in stasis is no life at all.  So I refuse the stasis of Society and Embrace the adventure infused in Music all around the world, not just for the Hear in Now, but the Then in There as well.” – Maggie


Currently working on a BFA in Music Composition with Voice Proficiency at Montclair State University, Maggie’s main interest lies in the composition, recording, and production of materials for film scores. She also likes long walks-

She has a healthy curiosity towards Ethnomusicology, (the study of music within different cultures), and she has regularly participated in school and community musical performances throughout her life.

-She likes long walks on the beach and a gl-

Maggie has yet to meet an instrument that did not take to her almost immediately, and she loves to sing, compose, play the piano, and perform whenever given the opportunity-

-preferably while taking a long walk on the beach with a glass of champ-

Maggie was inducted into the Montclair State University Chapter of the Golden Key National Honors Society in September of 2013, which she counts a satisfying addition to the Honors she received for her Independent Study, (Capstone Project), at Kimball Union Academy in composition, recording, and performance-

-which did not involve long walks on the beach with a glass of champaign, or anything of that sort-

Maggie’s “personal” ambition in life is to procure a mammoth hoard of instruments from numerous periods and cultures, so that she one day can reach out and play whichever instrument and whatever type of music she happens to feel like playing at the tim-

-She likes to take long walks on the beach while playing her Tibetan singing bowls, with a glass of champaign at sunset-

-Nope. Gin and Tonic-

-while playing her Tibetan singing bowls with a glass of Gin and Tonic at sunset-

-Nope. In the morning. Like, 1 AM.



“Sound swims through the air

Reverberating softly

Causing me to sigh.” – Maggie