Christine Williamson

Moonsinger’s Call

O, Hear my Voice, my golden Call of Song,

O, Listen well, Come Hear where you belong,

O Hear, I cry within my Heart to touch

Your Soul;  Together we can be so much:

Listen True, the stories we are spinning,

Listen True, the Magic we are playing,

Listen well, my Voice’s subtle calling,

Listen well, seductive Syren thralling;

Hear, soft the glitt’ring Song which my Soul Sings,

Shine bright, and share the Magic that it brings,

Hark Hear, the world without is grown Jade dim,

Hark Hear, and let Our Lights, entwined, begin;

O See, the Silver Sparks my Pen hath knit,

Speak True, and follow where your Soul feels lit.

– by Christine


Come play with me on the Wonderful Stage that is this World.

Completely ignoring her BA in Biology, Christine recently succumbed to the inevitable pull of her long-neglected, (and deeply repressed), calling to perform and set her MFA in Sequential Art to work launching her multi-media dream child:  Moonsong Studios

When not writing poetry, (another calling, this one completely unexpected, as in ‘walking down a suburban street and being waylaid by a tiger jumping from the bushes’ unexpected), or recording, she frolics in the wilds of New England, hosting RPGs for local kids, reciting Shakespeare to whatever wildlife will listen, and scrabbling tooth and nail for whatever graphic design projects she can find to pay the bills.  Currently, she is also honing her digital video capturing skills as an Academic Videographer/Editor for the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

Christine is proud and happy to have recently added, “member of the Dramatists Guild of America, Inc,” to her resume.

Christine’s Bardic Accomplishments:

Author of Shatter

Author of A Dragon is Coming!

Author and E-publisher of Katlyn Zinger and the Hornless Unicorn

Author and E-publisher of ‘Fractured Melody’

Author of various short plays.

Christine’s Current Projects:

* A poetry compilation:  ‘Eclectic Eclesia:  Volume One’ – A combination of modern and Shakespearean styled poetry, offset by a healthy dose of autobiographical impracticality.

* ‘Sonnets by the Dozen’ – A collaboration with her sister, Maggie:  Audio recordings of Shakespeare’s Sonnets with and without musical assistance.

* ‘Sonnet Wars’ – A personal project.

Phase One:  Complete!!!!  Memorize one of Shakespeare’s sonnets a day.  Project began on Sept. 3rd, 2013.  Projected completed:  Feb. 7th, 2014.  2 days missed?

‘mini-victory dance’

‘Thus toot-eth I a tiny horn of pride,

Whereon a tiny crown of laurels hangs.’

Now to keep them memorized.  Rehearsal Ad Nauseam!

Phase Two:  Ask someone to pick a number, and within 3 seconds, be able to identify and begin reciting the corresponding sonnet.  Projected completion date:  Undetermined.  Interactive audience is essential, and close associates are currently saturated with poetry.  Additional research and assistance required.

Phase Three:  Find people who like poetry.  Play Sonnet Wars with them.  Inspire others to memorize sonnets, thereby expanding minds and potentially saving the world with words.  Projected completion date:  Unknown.

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