News Bulletin: 2/16/2014

What began as a tribute to the Donmar Warehouse’s National Theater Live broadcast of Coriolanus, has turned into a recording project of unexpected scope.  Christine has transformed her ‘memorize one sonnet a day’ momentum into ‘recite and post recordings of one sonnet a day’ momentum.

Please enjoy them and wish her good luck!


Those words that I before have spoke do Lie,

Even those I whisper’d s’posing truest,

A mask of glass my Heart’s light did belie,

Thus lensing outward my most inward quest;

For Fear it was that kept me on my Path,

And Fear it was that made me deviate,

Yet Fear I knew to be my greatest Wrath

And thus I strove by Fear my Fear to hate;

Yet Fear it is that teaches us to grow,

And Fear it is that shows us how to touch,

And Fear is why we strive to reap and sow,

And Fear is why I’m Bound to Care so much,

And so pull I those crystal walls within,

That I might Fear and know how to begin.

This sonnet, influenced by Shakespeare’s 115th, was inspired by two incredibly amazing and soul-searching days that Maggie and I experienced in London.  Upon our return to the USA, all the recordings of sonnets 1-12 were redone.  They have also been posted individually, (as requested).

The first version of ‘Sonnets by the Dozen: Episode 1’ will remain available.  We are proud of this first project that we made together.  That said, we now believe we can do better.

Thank you for listening.

Media Players for Sonnets 1-12

Media Players for Sonnets 13-24

Media Players for Sonnets 25-36

Media Players for Sonnets 37-48

Media Players for Sonnets 49-60

Media Players for Sonnets 61-72

Media Players for Sonnets 73-84

Media Players for Sonnets 85-96

Media Players for Sonnets 97-108

Media Players for Sonnets 109-120

Media Players for Sonnets 121-132

Media Players for Sonnets 133-144

Media Players for Sonnets 145-154

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Sonnet 113:  New Version 11/14


Sonnet 128:  New Version 11/14


Sonnet 138:  New Version 12/14


Sonnet 144:  New Version 12/14

Sonnet 145:  New Version 12/14

Sonnet 146:  New Version 12/14

Sonnet 147:  New Version 12/14

Sonnet 148:  New Version 12/14

Sonnet 149:  New Version 12/14

Sonnet 150:  New Version 12/14

Sonnet 151:  New Version 12/14

Sonnet 152:  New Version 12/14

Sonnet 153:  New Version 12/14

Sonnet 154:  New Version 12/14



Sonnets by the Dozen:  Episode 1  (original version)

This poetry reading contains:  William Shakespeare’s first 12 sonnets, read by Christine Williamson with the musical assistance of Margaret Williamson.  Please note:  It is not representative of either Christine’s or Maggie’s current work.  It is the beginning of a journey still underway.

Please feel free to download any of our sonnet recordings or Sonnets by the Dozen: Episode 1.  The former are approximately 1.3 MB each, and the latter is approximately 16.

Thank you for listening!