A Dragon is Coming

Award Update, Aug. 2014:

‘A Dragon Is Coming!’ has been named a Full-Length Category winner at the Chameleon Theatre Circle‘s 15th Annual New Play Festival!  It will be read, along with other winning plays, on September 13th, 2014, at 9:45 am.  Admission to the festival is free, and anyone near Burnsville, MN on that day is invited!  Any feedback is welcome!

The reading is being directed by Duck Washington.  More casting info. to come.

Progress Update, 3/12/14:  A Dragon is Coming! is Complete!

The Prologue and first 4 scenes are available for perusal on this excerpt page.  Also, 2 sonnets from the play are posted in my sonnets page.  I’m currently exploring avenues for development, (contests, local theater groups, etc…), so we’ll see how that goes.  It would be really amazing to see this on stage.  I’m unsure how much to post in terms of excerpts, (for publishing and copyright purposes), but I’ve placed one more tidbit from Act II here:

The narrative poem, ‘When Darkness Falls’

(Yes, I put a narrative poem in…  It’s a pantomime in Act II.)

How ‘A Dragon is Coming!’ was born:  After memorizing my last sonnet for ‘Sonnet Wars: Phase One’, I woke up the next morning with parts of a play running thru my head.  Typically, when things run thru my head of their own volition I follow them.  (Examples:  ‘Katlyn Zinger’, sonnet: ‘Actor’s Prayer’, sonnet XIII, sonnet XVI, etc…)  So, I shrugged and started writing what had already written itself.  Then I kept going.

Here’s the Final Cast of Characters:

Creature of Few Words  (Kalliper)

Man with a Huge Book  (Book Man)



Guardian/Lead Crow


Travelers x 2

Peddlers x 3

Groupies x 4

Trackers x variable

Crows x variable

And here below is the brief exchange that started this project off by running thru my head when I woke up, (Thank You Dream Muse!):

‘A Dragon is Coming’:  Act II, scene vii

Man with a Book:  You are a turtle, Sir, whose Tortoisean Wisdom

Far exceeds the timeless, creeping Ocean of your breath.

You’ll age and die, ere you’ve shared a quarter of it.


Khronos:  Better to share a quarter than spend a life chasing pennies.


Man with a Book:  How so?


Khronos:  Were I to follow as Majority do,

Mine eyes would wear on the ground,

And I’d find my purse empty when I finally looked upon it.

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