Fare Thee Well, Coriolanus

Soft petals fall within our Hearts, upon

A Quiet Stage;  the lights grow dim, and soon

We find the Peace that Silence brings;  For drawn

Within our Quiet Hearts we find a Boon,

And we must follow where it leads, until

Our Parts are through;  The stage, it calls;  The seats,

They fill;  Our Time is come again;  Fulfill

We will, our Chosen toil, that chary meets

The Hearts of Men;  Give Voice to Song and Tears

To Laugh;  The Petals are softly swirling;

Before the Curtain falls its last, Joy nears

The Bittersweet touch of final Calling.

Break two last legs, Dear Friends, for our dear Joys,

Then best of wishes, in your next Employs.

Contents:  Christine thanks the Donmar for this amazing show with a goodbye sonnet.

In January of 2014, we flew to London and saw Coriolanus.  We were lucky enough to get tickets for two performances, a Saturday matinee and a Wednesday evening show.  In this conversation, (broken into you-tube digestible sections), we discuss both performances and our reactions to the presentation.  Neither of us had seen or read Coriolanus before.

Coriolanus 1:  Serendipity

Contents:  Introduction and How We Got Good Seats

Coriolanus 2:  Squares and Tragedy

Contents:  We Talk of Metaphorical Squares and Honor

Coriolanus 3:  Rivalry

Contents:  We Talk of Martius and Aufidius

Coriolanus 4:  Mob Mentality

Contents:  We Talk of Mob Mentality after Christine Recites Sonnet 124

Coriolanus 5:  The Mom

Contents:  We Talk of Volumnia, Brain Explosions, and… Christine quotes herself

Coriolanus 6:  Asking Coriolanus to Die

Contents:  We Talk of Coriolanus’ Family and Their Last Request of Him

Coriolanus 7:  The General and More Squares

Contents:  We Talk of the General and Recap Maggie’s Squares

Coriolanus 8:  Comparing Two Performances

Contents:  We Talk of Ash, Compare Saturday’s Matinee with Wednesday’s Evening Performance, and Maggie Thanks the Donmar and Cast for Changing Her Life

Coriolanus 9:  Thank You Donmar

Contents:  We Laugh and Thank the Donmar for Our Experience by Reciting Poetry Inspired by the Play and its Role in Our Trip.  (The thanking begins around 1:40)

All of our Coriolanus Conversation is up!  We wish the Donmar cast and crew good luck with tomorrow’s National Theater Live broadcast!  Break A Leg!  (Just not the chair leg that keeps getting caught in the grating…)