It has been brought to my attention that my Haphazard way of adding to this site at whim is not conducive to helping my visitors find new poems and updates easily.  Therefore I am striving to be more responsible and will be posting recent changes here.  Please check here regularly to find our new tidbits of creative exploration.

Nov. 20th:  The text of Jesse’s Game has been added to Thespian Endeavors!

Nov. 13:  Jesse’s Game is complete!

Oct 18th:  Video of Christine’s Sonnet 95 added to ‘Sonnet Shorts’

Sept 30th:  Video of Christine’s Sonnet 31:  ‘Patience’ added to ‘Sonnet Shorts’

Sept 24th:  Video of Christine’s Sonnet 13:  ‘Coriolanus’ added to ‘Sonnet Shorts’

Sept 20th:  Video of Christine’s Sonnet 26:  ‘Passion & Sincerity’ added to ‘Sonnet Shorts’

Sept 20th:  Video of Christine’s Sonnet High Rise I added to ‘Sonnet Shorts’

Sept 5th:  Video of Christine’s Sonnet: ‘Shakespeare Inverted 46’ added to ‘Sonnet Shorts’

Sept 4th:  Video of Christine’s Sonnet 23: ‘Disparity’ added to ‘Sonnet Shorts’

Aug 22nd:  Sonnets LXVII thru LXXXIII added to ‘Christine’s Sonnets: 51 – 75’ and ‘Christine’s Sonnets: 76 – ?’

Aug 21st:  UnWritten is complete!  An Excerpt can be found here!

Aug 4th:  Video of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 60 added to ‘Sonnet Shorts’

Apr. 12th:  Contrasting versions of Rex McGregor’s ‘None of Your Blarney’ monologue added to the new ‘Monologue Madness’ page

Mar. 26th:  Experimental short ‘Rainy Day’ added to ‘Video Projects’

Jan 25th:  Video of Passionate Pilgrim 7 added to ‘Sonnet Shorts’

Jan 19th:  It’s Martin Luther King Day!  Inspired by Selma:  “I Have a Dream

Jan 17th:  Short play ‘Colorful Metaphors’ added to ‘Thespian Endeavors’

Jan 8th:  Sonnet ‘City of Angels’ added to ‘Art Inspired by Art’

Jan 2nd:  Travel Poetry Journal, ‘Footloose and Fancy Free’ added to ‘Recite the Moon’

Dec. 24th:  Season’s Greetings!  Here’s a Christmas Eve Treat!  The Christmas Round

Dec. 23rd:  New Audio Recording of Sonnet 154 added to ‘Sonnets by the Dozen’

Oct. 13th:  Travel Journal ‘A Curious Convergence’ added to ‘Recite the Moon’

Sept. 29th:  Poetic Interlude:  Sonnet XXXII added to ‘Sonnets by Christine’

Sept. 21st:  10 minute play ‘The Waking Dream’ added to ‘Thespian Endeavors’

Sept 13th:  Thank you Chameleon Theatre Circle for a wonderful staged reading of ‘A Dragon Is Coming!’ at the Ames Center!  A beautiful experience!

Sept. 3rd:  Sonnet XXX added to ‘Sonnets by Christine’

Aug. 24th:  Pictures finally added to travel poetry journal, ‘Virgin Isle Vacation’

Aug. 23rd:  Tidbit added to ‘Lunar Eclipsings’

Aug. 14th:  Moonsong Studios’ first lesson plans, ‘Paper Doll Character Study’ and ‘Monarch Butterfly Journal’ are now available!  Find them thru the new ‘Educational Endeavors’ page! (Under ‘Lunar Projects’)

July 31st:  Thespian Endeavor ‘UnWritten’ added to ‘Thespian Endeavors’

July 19th:  Photo Shoot Day!  Thank you SO much to Ashley Bennett, (hair/make-up), and Roy Knight, (photography)!  Images will be appearing shortly.

July 4th:  Happy 4th of July!  Audio Recording of Sonnet ‘High Rise II’ added to ‘Art Inspired by Art’

July 3rd:  Audio Recording of Shakespeare’s last Sonnet, #154 added to ‘Sonnets by the Dozen’  Oh, No!  What will Christine post tomorrow!

July 1st:  Christine’s one-sided Conversation on Macbeth is up!

June 24th:  Travel Journal ‘Expedition to the Armory’ added to ‘Recite the Moon’

June 15th:  Thespian Endeavor ‘Reflections’ has been renamed ‘Shatter.’  An excerpt from ‘Shatter’ can be viewed here.

May 27th:  10 minute play ‘…the Sincerest Form of Flattery’ added to ‘Thespian Endeavors’

May 13th:  Thespian Endeavor ‘Reflections’ is complete!

Apr. 25th:  Travel poetry page ‘Virgin Isle Vacation’ added to ‘Recite the Moon’

Apr. 24th:  Audio Recording of ‘When Darkness Falls’ added to ‘A Dragon is Coming!’

Apr. 13th:  Thespian Endeavor ‘Reflections’ added to Writing Projects

Apr. 10th 2014:  Gosh, this Birthday just keeps getting cooler!  My one minute play ‘Time’ was accepted into the One Minute Sprints at the Boston Theatre Marathon on May 10th.  My first reading as a Playwright!  (It’s short, but hey!  “One small step for Man…”)

Apr. 10th 2014:  Birthday Happiness!  Four poems, (two new), have been placed on the new ‘Art inspired by Art’ page!  Pictures and an audio recording of Christine’s Only Lovers Left Alive Sonnet is on the ‘Only Lovers Left Alive Preview Adventure’ page.  (Hooray for early B-day presents.  So much fun!)

Mar. 12th 2014:  ‘A Dragon is Coming!’ is Complete!

Mar. 6th 2014:  Artist’s statement added to Maggie’s bio

Feb. 12th 2014:  New version of ‘Innocent Petals’ mp3 added to Coriolanus Concept Album

Feb. 9th 2014:  Thespian Endeavor: ‘A Dragon is Coming’ added to Writing Projects

Feb. 7th 2014:  Project ‘Sonnet Wars:  Phase One’ is officially complete!  (For details, see the ‘Sonnet Wars’ section of Christine’s Bio.)

Feb. 3rd 2014:  Sonnet ‘Moonsinger’s Call’ added to About Christine

Jan. 30th 2014:  Audio Recording of Christine’s Coriolanus Sonnet posted in Coriolanus Concept Album and Sonnets by Christine

Jan. 29th 2014:  Last of A Conversation on Coriolanus added.  Parts 8 and 9 include big ‘Thank you’s for the Donmar Warehouse cast and crew.