Free Download:  Endemic Persuasion.pdf

(Please note, performance rights are not included with the download.  To perform this play, please contact Christine.)

Genre:  Comedic Drama, Sci-Fi.

Approximate Running Time:  2 hours

1 Intermission

Synopsis:  A Post-Apocalyptic, Multi-Pandemic, Hacker/Isolation play.

Diamond and Hyacinth, two genetically modified elites, make contact with two Strangers seeking technological remnants of the pre-pandemic era. Having had no contact with other humans for 200 years, they struggle to overcome the psychological effects of social isolation while protecting their safe-house from the Strangers’ hacking attempts.

While defending their Operating System, Corona, from digital assault, the extent of their emotional damage is gradually revealed, culminating in the revelation that Hyacinth, a formerly massive ego, has split personality disorder, and that Diamond is emotionally dependent on Hyacinth’s original personality. Also, the other Children of Corona, whom they’d lost contact with, (which precipitated the slow, psychological decline), are all dead.

All roles are gender, race, and sexual orientation Neutral.

Cast of Characters: