Jesse’s Game was completed on 11/13/2015!

The initial seed for Jesse’s Game was inspired a couple years previously by a reading of a short play, (called ‘Untitled’ by Barbara Kruger), which I ran across on youtube.  The concept of that play’s mechanics, (reusing dialogue while swapping actors to examine prejudice), has been percolating in my subconscious ever since.  After I finished ‘UnWritten’, that percolation began manifesting in an explosion of Pop Culture and Gender Stereotypes, and Jesse’s Game was born.

From He-Man to Shakespeare, Hippies to Cetera, and grade school to adulthood, Jesse’s Game shows the double standards of our age for the madness that they are and has no compunctions about breaking the 4th wall to drive that message home.  It is proudly #HeForShe, and it’s a call for Action and Awareness.

It also needs a choreographer, due to an unexpected proliferation of dance and musical scene changes.  Space and movement are incredibly important throughout this play.

The full text of Jesse’s Game, in pdf form, can be accessed here.  (For performance rights, contact Christine.)

This play is entitled:  Jesse’s Game

Genre:  Comedic Drama

Length:  Full Length  (76 pages, 3 Acts) with 1 intermission


Jesse’s Game is a study of gender stereotypes, presented thru a collage of pop music and the experiences of Jesse X and Jesse Y, (a woman and a man with personalities incompatible with traditional gender roles). Based in the #HeForShe philosophy that Men are as shackled by prejudice as Women, it’s designed to draw attention to the blatant discrepancies in how boys and girls are raised, and to spotlight how those discrepancies are subtly, (and not-so subtly), perpetuated into adulthood. By alternately stripping away variables and juxtaposing the double standards of Male and Female experience, it forces the audience to confront their own personal prejudices.


Jesse X

Jesse Y

Young Jesse X

Young Jesse Y

Dad X

Dad Y

Mom X

Mom Y

Punk Boy 1-3

Mean Girl 1-3

Jesse’s Game was originally begun on 8/30/2015