Fractured Melody

‘Fractured Melody’ is a free, stand alone short story. Some day in the far future, it may become the prelude to a longer fantasy series.

If you have a Kendal, ‘Fractured Melody’ can be downloaded from Amazon here.

For Nooks, epubs, pdfs, and other formats, please visit the independent e-publishing site, or their distributors.  (Apple e-book store, Nook store, etc…)

'Fractured Melody' Cover

“What cruelty is this? To show me freedom and steal it away with such heartless innocence!”

On the last day of the third world’s third age, a mountain appeared in the sky. The next morning, exactly a day after its arrival, the mountain disappeared, and not a single memory of its existence remained. Not even the Elden who braved the golden barrier surrounding it recalled its presence. This is a tale of that lost day.

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