Traffic Lights

Oh green person man, tell me when to go,

Makest sure thou turnest red ere I stick forth my toe;

Spontaneous Dance Explosion!

-I can’t actually take credit for this.  It was my class’s running gag at Carleton.  Sadly after 1o years it’s fallen out of use, but it’s still infinitely relevant.  Imagine an entire auditorium, filled to brimming, ready to watch a serious presentation, and all of a sudden one random person yells that out at the top of their lungs.  A quarter of the audience immediately jumps to their feet, dances in place for approximately 3 seconds, then sits back down as if nothing happened.  The other three quarters, and presenters, are left looking very confused.  Ah, to experience that again…  It was beautiful.

Guide Me True

Let Healthy skepticism live within my Heart,

That I may not be led astray.

Yet still, let Magic that I Feel is real,

Retain its power to touch my Spirit.


I know that broke my Heart,

But it’s okay, because it’s been put back together,

And I believe it works better now.

Alliteration 2

Cave crickets are Kinda creepy,

crawlin’ the caverns and keepin’ it cheeky.

My Humor’s Existence in this World

Bits and pieces here and there,

Random flecks of accidental brilliance.