These are thoughts that slip into my brain for no reason then known to me.  Yet they eclipse whatever else I may be thinking of at that time.  Why do they happen?  That’s for me to wonder and my Muse to know.


“You’re an instrument I want to play,

A stone I want to touch,

A pigment of the paints

In which I want to dip my brush.”  – posted 1-17-14


“The Theater is my love,

You Are my pageantry.” – posted 1-20-14


“The Stars up in the Sky,

Light fires within our Hearts,

And quit the Heavens.” – posted 1-23-14


“How can I embrace this idea

without falling into insanity?” – posted 2-3-14


“When Time doth stand still,

and the Lark’s song is ever silent,

my love for you would coax time to move,

and warbled notes to spill.”  Maggie – posted 2-10-14


“Why look’st thou so surprised?

Think’st thou ne’er to hear such

Lyrical verse fall so trippingly

From modern tongue, born

From the lap of Spontaneity?

Faith, lift up thy jaw.  We’d

Spew poetry from dawn to dusk,

Had I my way.  It makes life

Far more interesting.”  Christine – posted 4-4-14


“There is nothing that you will see in this world

More real in its unreality,

Than the dreaming creature that stands before you.” – posted 7/30/14


“I’ll put you on like a skin

And tune the jacks that nimble leap

Into a trot of perfect harmony

That leaps and dips

Upon the soaring tune of verse

With word and glance

In Poesie’s renewed rehearse.”  – Christine 8-23-14