Update!  UnWritten was completed on 8/21/2015!

UnWritten was a dark, soundless pool, offering nothing without me first stretching in and asking what came next.  Unlike ‘Shatter’ and ‘A Dragon is Coming!’ it was perfectly happy to remain incomplete if I looked away.  It required my undivided commitment and attention, but refused to demand, or even ask for, it…

Here’s an Excerpt:  UnWritten’s Prologue and 1st 2 scenes

The full text of UnWritten, in pdf form, can be accessed here.  (For performance rights, contact Christine.)

This play is entitled:  UnWritten

Genre:  Comedic Drama

Length:  Full Length  (100 pages) with 1 intermission


A solitary Art Dragon approaches, aggravating local insecurities and enticing Book Binder to look beyond present Livelihood, into the possibility of an UnDreamed Future, where writing and storytelling are more than frivolous fancies for entertaining kids.

This play is an exploration of the UnWritten. The stories we should tell, yet often times ignore. The importance of following Dreams and actively encouraging such things in Others, taking action instead of passively standing by, enabling.


Book Binder


Leather Smith


Lord Tagan


Boy (can be female)

Leather Master

Voices 1-5:  (Kalliper’s Interior Monologue)

Patrons 1-4

Inn Keeper

Hired Guards 1-5

UnWritten was originally begun on 7/31/2014

It was, (and is), a mysterious thing.  This is what I knew when it first began:

CREATURE OF FEW WORDS:  “There is nothing that you will see in this world more real in its unreality, than the dreaming creature that stands before you.”

Also, that it begins like this:

BOOK BINDER:  “Tell me a story.”

????:  “What?”

BOOK BINDER:  “Tell me a story.”

????:  “Why?”

BOOK BINDER:  “Because while you’re telling it, I’ll be writing it down.    And then I can tell it to others when you’re not here.”

The play is currently entitled:  UnWritten

Genre:  Comedic Drama

Length:  Unknown

Synopsis:  Wherein Creature of Few Words meets Book Binder.  Don’t know what else yet.

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