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Fan Projects:  Disabled Indefinitely

Why did Moonsong Studios have a fan project page?  Fan Art serves many purposes, (not the least of which is to show appreciation for another artist’s work).  However, it is more important than that.  Fan Endeavors allow budding artists and storytellers to explore characterization without being bogged down by world building.  It allows editors to experiment with recombining video footage without slogging through the time-consuming, (and potentially expensive), trial of creating original footage themselves.  Fan Art is a beautiful tool for learning the particulars of a craft one at a time without having to spontaneously manifest all of them at once.  In short, it is incredibly useful.

That said, Fan Art must never be abused for profit.  Doing so is illegal, and copyrights must be respected.  None of the fan projects contained in this site have garnered income of any sort, and donations aimed at them will not be accepted.