Shut Your Mouth

Bollucks, I sayeth thee; I say it to thy face.

The words that slip thy oily tongue

Are slander dressed with grace.

A glitt’ring phrase you stick atop, as if in show of Peace.

But Virgin press smells not so bad

As Rancid kitchen grease.

Sprinkled pyrite glinting gold, winkest twixt thy teeth,

Yet foolish tongues and rusty souls

Can ne’er true praise bequeath.

You hold no love for Others; You care only for Yourself.

You mouth at me such blatant Lies,

Slipshod Shite, disguised as Wealth.

Ignoring signs to contrary; (Your senses must be numb.)

To smile at me while speaking thus,

You must think me quite Dumb.

* * * * * * *


* * * * * * *


That magic word,

When answers are not given.


What thinkest thee?

Not ‘Yes’, not ‘No’, not Even.


A word that calls to me,

That temptest thoughts and reason,

A stalking Beast that slips around and dips its paw in Heathens.


It’s not so bad,

To not know where you’re going.

To circle roundabout a point

Then veer off;

Still not Knowing.


You’ll come to tea.


I’ll go to Town.


We’ll both meet verily,

And find some common ground.


I love this word.

I really, Truly do.

And Mayhap after reading this,

You’ll find you love it too.

* * * * * * *

The Crowd

* * * * * * *

Where can you turn

When everyone sees you,

But nobody sees you?

What can you do

When everyone wants something,

But nothing that you want to give?

How can you smile

When everyone laughs,

But nobody’s laughing with you?

How can you speak

When they ask you to talk,

But don’t truly want what they hear?

How can you hear

When they drown out your voice

While claiming they really do care?

I don’t know…

But I’m looking

For answers…

* * * * * * *

Love’s Lost Lament

* * * * * * *

When things can see, but have no eyes,

When things can speak, but have no tongues,

When things can hear without an ear,

When things can feel without a heart;

When I can smile without a mouth,

When I can laugh without a frown,

When I can hold without my hands,

When I can run without my bounds;

When I can touch my hand to yours

When you are in another room,

When I can laugh the words you speak

When you are whispering to the gloom;

When I can feel you in my Heart,

Though you’re a million miles away,

When I can touch your strength of Mind,

Though I remain beyond its Sway;

When I can feel you know me well,

Despite the doubt that creeps inside,

Then I can take your hand and feel,

The golden ties that twixt us bind;

You’re here with me, and I’m with you,

Ne’er shall we part, we destined two.

* * * * * * *

Venus’ Call

* * * * * * *

Within the circuit of my arms

Upon my bosom lie

That I may hold you in my Heart

Until the end of Time;

Within this limit find your rest,

O, make my Heart your home,

No thirst or hunger shall you feel,

Nor need e’er ‘gan to roam;

Within my Heart alight your Soul

That it might stay with me,

Where e’er our bodies choose to go

My Love with you shall be.