Recite the Moon – An Excursion into Poetry.

Having worked closely with Shakespeare’s sonnets since 2013, Christine has experienced the unexpected, (yet probably inevitable), compulsion to delve into this ocean of words herself.  Not every poem posted here will be a sonnet, but they are all original poems, copyrighted by her.  You may share them freely, provided a by-line giving Christine Williamson credit is included.

Please Note:  These poems may not be reproduced for profit without written permission from Christine and/or Moonsong Studios.

Christine’s Sonnets: 1 – 25

Christine’s Sonnets: 26 – 50

Christine’s Sonnets: 51- 75

Christine’s Sonnets: 76 – ?

Christine’s Free Form Fancies

Practical Nonsense

Art Inspired by Art

Narrative Poems

Short, Sweet, and to the Point

Looking Lively in London

Virgin Isle Vacation

Expedition to the Armory

A Curious Convergence

Footloose and Fancy Free

Sonnets For the Classroom:  There will eventually, (time-frame undetermined), be a Moonsong Studios: ‘Educational Tools’ section, and these will migrate there, along with accompanying lesson plans.