Shatter: (formerly Reflections)


Update, 6/15/2014:  Reflections is now titled Shatter

Progress Update, 5/13/2014:  Reflections is Complete!

New title!  Lighting became extremely important as this play progressed.  It’s another character, effectively, and very tightly linked to Jasmine, as is the set itself.  I’m excited to see how designers tackle the challenge.  This play is basically one giant, psychological space.

Here’s an excerpt:  Shatter’s Prologue

The full text of Shatter, in pdf form, can be accessed here.  (For performance rights, contact Christine.)

Unlike ‘A Dragon is Coming!’ which poured forth spontaneously in a torrent of words, this play was peeping at me from behind doors and peering thru windows, flirting with my perceptions as I walked thru rooms.  Elusive…  But I captured it.  It’s rich with imagery in glass and mirrors…  And it was asking to be told, but not demanding.

The play is entitled:  Shatter

Genre:  Drama

Length:  One Act  (approximately 1 hour)

Synopsis:  Aided by aspects of her fractured subconscious, Jasmine struggles to regain her identity by acknowledging her long repressed fears and denied passions.  Shatter is a visual explosion, a portrait of a psychological shift, and a study of the fears and invisible chains with which we bind ourselves.  More importantly, it’s a call to live.






Gate Keeper

Crying Woman


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