Our Admittedly-Ambitious and Humbly Arrogant Raison d’Etre (i.e. mission statement)

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Moonsong Studios is a not-yet-profitable, multi-media dreamchild dedicated to the everlasting enrichment of Humanity through green thinking and the pursuit of art in all forms, including, (but NOT limited to), theatre, music, film, story-telling, whimsy, revolution, (the non-bloody kind), poetry, and an appreciation of modern and classical literature.

Did I mention we like Shakespeare?


“Failure is only failure when you give up on what you are pursuing without reaching your goal.” – Maggie – 3/13/14


Actor’s Prayer

This Stage;  This sacred space whereon I stand,

This Play;  Where Tear and Laugh join hand with hand,

This Tale;  With which our Hearts we strive to touch

Your Spirit;  Hark to Joy and Cry with us.

O Stage;  Allow my humble Heart to Shine

It’s Light;  Connecting what I see with thine,

O Watch;  The world without is turning still,

But here, Suspend belief to feel our Will.

O Muse;  Within our Breasts instill your Soul,

O Muse;  Let perfect Light match perfect Role,

So Come;  The Audience without us waits,

Our Masks;  Bestow with Heart and proper Grace:

This Stage;  This sacred space whereon I stand,

Come Forth, upon this Altar place thy Hand.

  1. ravet

    bonjour Christine, je vous et vue sur péri, mon prénom et ludovic (le sud de France a coté de l’Espagne lol ) j’aimerais pouvoir vous écrire mais je c pas ou je vous laisse mon facebook c ludovic ravet ( my welcome image and a flag) merci j’espère d’avoir vite de vos nouvelles, désolé pour le dérangement au plaisir

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